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Delight your customers with our dedicated customer support teams that provide timely and personalized assitance, ensuring exceptional customer experiences.

Technical Support

Rely on our skilled technical support experts to resolve technical issues promptly, enhancing your product or service offerings.


Streamline your financial processes with our proficient accounting teams, maintaining accuracy and compliance in all financial transactions.

Business Development

Expand your horizons with our proactive business development teams, forging valuable partnerships and driving sales opportunities.
Streamline Compliance and Ease Administrative Burdens Ensure Full Compliance with Employee Mandatories, Local Labor Laws, and
Reporting Requirements with our Expert Solutions.
Efficient Team Management:
Our range of services empowers you to focus on core business objectives while we handle essential tasks efficiently and seamlessly.

Get things done


Exypnox Inc. helps US-based software companies of all sizes boost productivity and enhance business efficienc without interrupting exising business processes and workflow.


Our dedicated and goal-oriented team achieves this by offering cutting-edge human resource solutions, methodologies, and technologies. We help our clients attain and maintain a competitive advantage within their respective industries.


We save all our clients hundreds of thousands annually in operational expenses, giving us one of the highest client retention rates and an unparalleled track record.

All Flipino

Exypnox Inc. is an all-Filipino A-team – our customer support, technical support, accounting, marketing, and business development representative/agent teams operate from the Philippines.

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We value exceptional talent as the cornerstone of our success. As a growing BPO firm, we foster an environment where ambition sparks innovation and teamwork drives excellence.


We invest in your professional development and we empower you to reach your full potential.

Innovative Environment

We foster an open and inclusive culture that values fresh ideas and encourages entrepreneurial thinking.

Meaningful Impact

Contribute to the success of cutting-edge tech startups.

Competitive Benefits

We offer company benefits such as: sponsored office meals, health insurance, employee loans, paid time off, and more.

Work-Life Balance

Our flexible work arrangements allow you to excel professionally while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.

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